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Siobhan Kelly

Siobhan is an 18-year-old creative director currently attending Western University for arts and business. Alongside A Teen Perspective, she is also the president of Teach our Teens - a Canadian nonprofit organization. She is a lover of filmmaking, musical theatre, and writing.  

As a major passion-project enthusiast, Siobhan is most in her element designing, emailing, and listening to music on her laptop!

Saskia Scarce

Saskia is currently studying architecture at X University. She loves binge watching shows and wearing her comfy. You can commonly find her wearing crocs and taking photos of random things.

Emerson Williams

Emerson is the co-head of writing here at ATP. She joined the team at the age of 16 and has no been working with the non-profit for just over a year. She strives to incorporate writing in every corner of her life, practicing many different mediums such as songwriting, poetry, and essays all while angling it through an intersectional lens.

As a major workaholic, you will usually find her drowning in work from her a million side hustles and hobbies.


Kostadina Sourlingas

Kostadina is a writer and Head of Web Design at A Teen Perspective. She is an avid reader, and likes to spend her time curled up with a book next to her cats Howl and Mango. She is also a musical theatre fanatic, Taylor Swift enthusiast, and a Japanese language learner.

Chris Caulfield

Writer, animator, musician, radicalized by bad punk music and a hatred for hallmark cards.

Samira Farah

Samira is a 17-year-old high school student, currently enrolled in Wexford collegiate school for the arts. Apart from being a writer for A Teen Perspective, she volunteers at local libraries and youth-led programs around her community. Samira finds herself to be a film connoisseur, alongside being a lover of writing, and music! As a self-proclaimed bookworm, Samira spends the majority of her time in coffee shops with a cup of coffee and a great book at hand!

Michelle Gopaul

Michelle is a high-schooler who enjoys reading, writing, music, and staying informed with the world around her. She hopes that other teens will be able to see their own passions reflected in A Teen Perspective!

Amilya Wilson

Amilya hails from Elmira Ontario, a small town that has it’s fair share of horse and buggies and big chain stores. Amilya loves athletics and can usually be found dancing, running, or chasing a ball around, when she isn’t writing of course. She probably has an unhealthy obsession with Star Wars and music (specifically Elton John), so if you want someone to explain the complexities and missteps of the music and scoring of the sequel Star Wars trilogy, she's your girl. When she has time she sews and bakes and reads, and she would highly recommend drinking a hot chocolate, eating a croissant, and reading a good book (Flowers for Algernon is always a good choice).

Anuvarshini KS

Anu is a high school student at O’Neill CVI specializing in PA (Performing Arts). She’s a singer and a performer. In her free time, she enjoys gaming and graphic design. She’s a little obsessed with cartoons and funky liner.

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