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  • Sophie Mustonen

Lyrics and Meaning with Mia Gidge

“Made for Love” by Mia Gidge is such an elaborate and heartfelt song that I absolutely adore, so, along with the previous article posted about her and her song, I thought it deserved a part two. If you haven’t read part one, you can find it in the Youth Spotlight column!

As Mia and I finished our interview, we both realized that it was quite long and that we’d probably have to cut some parts out. However, all of the content was so amazing and intriguing that I wanted to make sure we published it in its entirety for all the readers of ATP to see; so here we are with part two! In this article, Mia came up with a great video tutorial that explains how she made the song with her software, and it can also act as a guide to help those out there who want to create their own music just like her! As well, she dives deeper into the meaning to the lyrics in her song. Mia did an amazing job with this song, so keep reading to see the behind the scenes of “Made for Love”!

In this video Mia explains her studio process so check it out to see how “Made for Love” was created!

Overall, I had such a good time with this project and now you guys know a little bit more about Mia and her song! I highly suggest you go stream “Made for Love”!

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