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  • Tasnia Rahman

Hope during the Holiday Season

Given the leisure time at hand around the holidays, and with 2021 fast approaching, perhaps like many of you, I have felt inclined to take inventory of my emotions at the tail-end of the momentous year that has been 2020. Again, probably the same as many of you, wistfulness stands out among the whirlwind of emotions which the thought of 2020 inspires. Life as it was before March 2020 feels like a far-fetched dream now; it is nearly impossible to believe that there was a time when I could still go out to see a movie with friends, participate in my favorite clubs at school, and lead a life uninhibited by some invisible threat.

However, the very memories of normalcy that fill my heart with longing are also the ones which gently caution me from taking the existing parts of my life for granted. While the pandemic does make us reminiscent of the past, it also serves as a significant reminder that we should soak in our present as best as possible because our lives are quite susceptible to change. In light of everything that the pandemic has taken away, it stands to reason that we should cherish the aspects of our lives which we often view through a lens of entitlement.

Therefore, this holiday season, I hope we can all take a few moments to unwind and spend some quality time with our families, and catch up with some friends virtually. With such a resolution to treasure our blessings, I would urge everyone to consider giving back to the less privileged members of our community, too. Cash, clothing, food, toys, hygiene products, and handwritten cards are all sought-after presents which retain the potential to bring smiles to others’ faces this holiday season. All that being said, it is understandably not possible for everyone to take such steps. If you cannot do any of the above, simply embodying the spirit of giving by treating those around you with kindness will go a long way, too. This rollercoaster ride of a year has, unsurprisingly, exacerbated the mental health of many; random acts of kindness can hence do wonders by uplifting someone’s mood and making their day.

Speaking of mental health, taking care of our personal well-being is of the utmost importance during this downtime. For those of us who have been craving some time to rest and relax, now is the time to curl up on the couch and binge on our favorite shows with a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

Overall, this winter break provides the perfect opportunity to rest, recuperate from the craziness of 2020, and resolve to take good care of ourselves and others. Here’s to hoping that the festive cheer of the season imbues some peace and positivity in all of our lives so that we are able to bounce back — stronger and more courageous than ever — for the year lying ahead.

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