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A Poem About Bad Days

"i wrote this poem about bad days," written by De-Mario Knowles

Sometimes life is hard,

It can feel like a haze,

Do not be afraid of reaching out,

Everyone has bad days

There are people struggling everywhere,

Who will never show a sign,

It’s important to check on your friends and peers,

Cause all they’ll say is “I’m fine.”

Fine is just a cover,

That we have used as youth,

Fine is just a fortified cloak,

That’s meant to seal the truth.

We all have our struggles,

We all go through pain,

You must support your fellow people,

And save them from the rain.

Not everyone can cry for help,

And that’s why they pretend,

It’s hard for someone to receive assistance,

If they’ve never had a friend.

If you see discrimination,

With the presence of ferocity,

Eradicate the persecutor

And destroy animosity.

Your feelings are important,

There’s no need to lie,

Disregard what the haters say,

It’s okay to cry.

Bad days do have their benefits,

As they can be a refresher,

It’s important to embrace all your struggles,

The strongest gems are made under pressure.

"i wrote this poem about bad days," a poem by De-Mario Knowles. The poem can be read above!

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